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Mixing the dubstep track “Wanted to” by Infected Mushroom and the classic rock song “Dream On” by Aerosmith, I came up with this mashup I wanted to call “Lucid Dream” and of course I needed to add an intro using a sample from the movie Inception.

PS: Oneirophobia

Here’s something for the weekend!, Queen goes EDM along Martin Garrix!!

Here’s some fresh JAM for ya! #mashup

Black Eyed Peas vs Brian Culbertson vs Nelly ft Kelly Rowland

Here’s something for your #ValentinesDay playlist tonight

Here’s the song I made for my crush #ValentinesDay #Iloveyou

It’s #ValentinesDay, here’s ANOTHER WAY to show your love with a mashup.

Ariana Grande vs 7 artists

This is how imagine the Beastie Boys making music if they started their career in the last decade without knowing Rick Rubin.

Beastie Boys vs deadmau5 vs Icona Pop

I wanted to play a little bit with this genre, Destiny’s Child was in my head and I ended up with this

I just wanna thank to all the people out there who supported me last year, with over 85,000 listeners at soundcloud (since I uploaded this track 2 times, you can’t see the right stats) and 100,000 more at official.fm, this was my most popular track, and I’m very glad I was part of your year (mostly at night). Here’s a Big Thank You!

Included at The Best Mashups of 2013 Reddit list: http://www.reddit.com/r/mashups/comments/1u68ux/the_best_mashups_of_2013/

This is my first mash-up using spanish vocals! (And no, it’s not a song about tacos, sorry)

¡Este es el primer mash-up que hago en español!

Justin Bieber goes Jazz? Heck Yeah! what do you think?? #Musicmondays

RRodd - My Delorean's Sexy and I know It's Creepy (Black Sun Empire vs. LMFAO)

If you ever thought LMFAO was hilarious think about it again, they might be creepier than what they look like… #MashupMonday

EDM goes folk, here’s Zedd vs Mumfords & Sons


RRodd - I need your eye of the tiger (Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding vs Survivor)
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I need your eye of the tiger (Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding vs Survivor)